See what Hideaway on the Creek Looked today!

Busy wallpaper and plaid furniture. A 15-inch TV. Butcher block laminate countertops and an odd rabbit towel holder in the kitchen. Hey, it was the 1980s!

Believe it or not, this decor was cool back in the day. Myra’s mom (Jo Hendren, founder of Hideaway Cottages, predecessor to Smokies Cabins) was a talented interior decorator. She studied Home Economics (is that still a thing?) before getting her MRS at The University of Tennessee (Um, that means that she got married before getting her degree. It was the 50s.)

Another interesting note…Hideaway on the Creek was originally a cottage before Myra’s parents added a log cabin facade, complete with hand-hewn logs and chinking. At the time, they owned two vacation rentals: Hideaway Cottage and Creekwood Cottage. They eventually changed the name from Hideaway Cottages to Hideaway Cottages and Log Cabins.

Myra’s (my) parents eventually owned five cabins, three of which they built (including Owl’s Hoot Chalet), and managed three others for other owners. I helped with the family business as a teenager and throughout the business’s 40-year history. I still own two of the five, with my husband Rob, who does all of the maintenance/improvements and most of the cleaning. We have totally remodeled and redecorated Hideaway on the Creek in the past few years, including adding a large LED TV, quartz countertops, and solid hardwood floors throughout, plus a new laundry room.

Hideaway is less busy and more chill now. From the custom-designed, creek-look backsplash in the kitchen to the actual serene creek flowing in the front yard, Hideaway is the ideal place to relax, unwind, and reconnect with yourself and nature.


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