Happy National Plan a Solo Vacation Day to our single guests and those who simply need a break from…well, people. Either way, you’re welcome at Smokies Cabins!

Before I met Mr. wRight (hubby Rob), I was single for more than 2 decades. Yes, apparently, I AM that picky. While I went on the occasional extended family trip or girls weekend with some buddies, much travel was by myself. And not just nearby weekend trips either. I often saved up my time off and money and took month-long journeys abroad (13 countries at last count).

Planning a solo trip may require more attention than other kinds of trips. After all, it’s all up to you. So, for your own safety and peace of mind, it’s good to have some planning done in advance… some but not too much. I like to have a general knowledge of where I’m going and what I want to do. I like to have my lodging booked. But the details of what I’ll do is left to the whims of my mood and recommendations from people I meet along the way. Freedom is the greatest advantage of solo travel!

I’ve recently posted some travel tips and guides to things to do in Smoky Mountains, and all of these apply to solo travelers, too:

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My Advice for Solo Travel

Be open to new people and new adventures when you travel alone, especially if you tend to be shy. After a day of exploring new sites on my own, I was often ready for a little human interaction at night (after a glass of social lubricant, perhaps). I met some truly fascinating, helpful, friendly people in small cafes and corner pubs. Local Townsend area folks are very friendly and eager to help. Let us!

Research things to do and places to go (and know what days attractions are closed) and choose your top destinations/experiences. But don’t forget that this is YOUR vacation. If you wake up one morning and feel like taking a hike or going shopping instead of going to a museum, that’s your decision!

If you do go for a hike or anywhere off a beaten path, be sure to take common sense safety precautions. Take sufficient water, snacks, maps, compass, charged cell phone, and other gear such as bear spray and first aid supplies. Tell someone back home where you’re planning to go and for how long. Check in with them when you return to the safety and comfort of your cabin.

Take advantage of this alone time to reconnect with nature and yourself. How often do we get so caught up with the daily grind that we put self-care on the back burner? A solo vacation is all about self-care! So, do some yoga, read that book, stroll in the woods or meadow, sit quietly by the creek, or swing gently in the hammock at Hideaway on the Creek (https://smokiescabins.com/hideaway-on-the-creek/), which is the perfect size for a solo traveler.

Use this planning time to focus on you, and let Smokies Cabins (www.smokiescabins.com) know if you need anything. We’re here to help with advice, tips, and support. Call or text Myra at 865-207-6071.

Where was your favorite solo vacation? Favorite adventure or quiet time? Give us some ideas in the comments section below.

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